Press and Social Media Advisory

Press and Social Media Advisory

We look forward to welcoming you at the 13th International Conference on

Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes!


Press Advisory

ATTD 2020 will showcase the latest, world-changing, innovations and research in Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes and we are always delighted when journalists, bloggers, influencers, photographers and other press representatives are interested in featuring this innovative event in various media platforms.

What: 13th International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes (ATTD 2020)

When: 19 – 22 February 2020

Where: Madrid, Spain, IFEMA Palacio Municipal, Campo de las Naciones

Who: Prof. Moshe Phillip, Israel and Prof. Tadej Battelino, Slovenia – Conference Chairpersons

Press Registration

We offer complimentary registration for members of the press and 20% off the full participant fee for bloggers.

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Social Media

The official hashtag for ATTD 2020 Conference – #ATTD2020

Hashtags help connect users within related conversations and are also searchable, making them a valuable resource for both clinicians and patients. We highly encourage the use of up to three hashtags in your posts.

Share your impressions about the ATTD 2020 Conference within your network before, during and after the event in Madrid, using #ATTD2020:

  • Follow us for the latest updates regarding the Conference
  • Share insights live from the event or follow the discussion online
  • Stay in touch with ATTD and your international colleagues

Relevant hashtags in the field

  • #DiabetesTech
  • #DiabetesTechnology
  • #DiabetesTreatment
  • #DiabetesMellitus
  • #Type1Diabetes
  • #Type2Diabetes
  • #PWD

Official graphics

Feel free to use any of the ATTD 2020 graphics to supplement any social media posts you share before or during the Conference.

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Do you have any press related questions? Simona Milenkova is our Social Media Specialist and PR Liaison for ATTD 2020 and she will be pleased to assist you with more information. For any press inquiries, please don’t hesitate to send her an email: